Proofing work can be carried out for additional fees dependant on what type of work is needed to be done. However this work does not have to be carried out by us. You are more than welcome to get a price from a local builder or even a family member to do the works for you.

All of our site visits for rodents (Rats,Mice ,Squirrels)will include a visual inspection. We will recommend works that we feel will benefit you and prevent you from being in this position again.

This is all included within the price charged for rodent visits when we attend.

So feel please feel relaxed that you wont be charged any extra as it is all part of the service we provide.

The sort of proofing works that could be employed are simple things like bristle strips to doorways or fine wire mesh to cover air vents but not restrict air flow. It could also be blocking pipe work that has gaps around it. Some times pipe work that has been installed through a wall but not been made good after.

Another example would be wire strips to stops pigeons perching. Also as we move into a world with renewable energy sources, we can offer proofing work around solar panels.  A non intrusive mesh is placed around the edges of the solar panels to match the roof shape. Doing this will stop birds from nesting underneath. Obviously by preventing birds from roosting stops the build up of guano which also carries diseases such as psittacosis.

Prices for Pigeon proofing would have to quoted for individually. Every job is different and the amount or type of materials used will also be different for every job as well.

Of course these are just examples and no 2 jobs are ever the same.

Rodent damage. Image property of
Rat burrow under building to gain access. Image property of
Rodent damage to vent .Image property of