About me

Steve Percy about to treat a wasp nest

Steve Percy wasp ready

About me

Here I would like to tell you a little about me.

Hi there my name is Steve Percy,

I bring over a decade of pest control expertise to you. Commencing my career at National Britannia, a company that transformed into Terminix and is now known as Ecolab, I honed my skills as a pest control technician for 10 years.

During my early career, I served as the sole pest controller for London's Croydon Council for a span of 2 years. This tenure exposed me to a diverse range of pest species, given Croydon's status as one of the largest London boroughs.

Acknowledgment for my outstanding service came in the form of a letter of commendation from the head of Environmental Services—a recognition considered unprecedented at the time.

My journey continued at Wealden District Council, where I assumed the role of the sole pest control technician for 18 months. Covering a vast 323 square mile area, Wealden presented unique challenges due to its expansive rural landscape.

Commercial Experience

Seeking new horizons, I transitioned to become a 'commercially trained' technician. This venture led me to renowned sites such as Pizza Hut, Paynes Poppets, Sainsbury's, and Whitbread public houses, where I conducted routine inspections.

While the shift brought changes in workload and procedures, it provided me with a comprehensive understanding and experience as a pest controller. Managing sites of such prominence inevitably involved more paperwork than the challenging pest control scenarios I had previously encountered.

In March 2019, I renewed my commitment to excellence by resitting my RSPH Level 2 Award. Unbeknownst to me, my previous employers had retained my original BPCA qualification, considering it as in-house training.

Now, I am eager to share my wealth of experience with you, my prospective customers. Allow me to contribute to your pest control needs with a commitment to quality and a breadth of knowledge gained from diverse and challenging environments.

At home

I am father with 4 children and one grandchild. Also being an animal lover and having cats ,dogs, fish and birds, I am conscious of people's pets and children when carrying out treatments.

In my spare time I enjoy fishing and metal detecting.

Best Regards,