Sidcup Pest Control

Sidcup pest control technician available for all of the following treatments: Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Mice, Squirrels, Rats and Wasp nest. We offer Fast and efficient treatments seven days a week.

Suburban areas such as Sidcup tend to have rodents all year round. This is because there is a balance of green space and commercial premises. These are ideal to provide harbourage and food sources. Water is generally easy to come by. Rodents are never to far away from us either it has been said we never more than 8 feet away from a rat. However it tends to be the autumn months as the weather changes we start to experience them more. Once they seek warmer harbourage and better food sources is when our troubles really begin.

Signs that you have rats can be visual sightings. Holes appearing in banks or the ground about the size of a golf ball in diameter with displaced earth around them. Gnawed plastic vent covers creating openings big enough for rodents to ingress. Then of course are the droppings which are large sausage in shape. The droppings can appear shiny and  grey or light brown when freshly deposited going to a very dark brown or black when they have been there for a period of time.

If you are finding things like these on your property it could be a good time to ring a company such as ourselves. We can offer the latest palatable rodenticides to quickly and effectively deal with your problems. Proofing recommendations to stop rodent ingress to you property in future are also made at the time of initial inspection.

We can deal with wasp nests quickly in the postcodes DA1 ,DA2 ,DA3 DA4, DA14. The treatment on most occasion can be a same day service. And it is also a guaranteed service , if the wasp nest is still active after 24 hours we will treat again completely for free.