Biggin Hill Pest Control

Biggin Hill Pest Control technician available for the treatments of Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Mice, Squirrels, Rats and Wasp nest. We offer Fast and efficient treatments same day if possible.

With Biggin Hill being a more rural location wildlife is always near by. Some of this wildlife is welcome and others not so much. During the summer months there may be a lot more insect activity. These could be wasps or hornets in the hedgerows.  Although when they are away from home its not an issue. Its possible to leave these in situ as they are some of our earliest pollinators. Wasp nests in the postcode Tn16 can be dealt with quickly and we can generally also offer same day service (previous bookings dependant).

During the winter months and as insect activity slows down we tend to move toward more rodent activity. Rodents  never stray to far from human activity as all the things they need are generally near by to humans. Things such as water, food and harbourage. As natural food wanes the need to move closer to humans becomes increasingly important. We tend to feed the wild birds which can provide a protein rich diet in the lean months. Obviously its not intentional to attract such animals as rats mice and squirrels and can often be unwanted.

With this protein rich food source near to home we also like to observe the birds whilst they feed. This is when the rodents will also want to be near by and look for harbourage in sheds or the cavity of walls of a building. Perhaps even up into loft spaces where there is nice warm insulation to nest in.

Some people may tolerate the disruption that rodents in the wall or roof create for a short period of time. But generally as time progresses the problem gets worse. Damage can be caused to wood work and electrical wiring. Rodents have been know to cause electrical fires when they chew through cables. They dont chew through the cables to create damage perse. It is most often gnawed at to keep the teeth down.  The word rodent comes from the latin rodere which means to gnaw.

This is where Prime target can step in to help. We use the latest most palatable rodentacides to overcome even the most serious of problems.