The Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Discover the pervasive threat of brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) and the importance of effective control measures to safeguard your home and family. At Prime Target Pest Control, serving Bromley, Biggin Hill, Orpington, Sidcup, and Swanley, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your area's unique needs.

Understanding Rat Behavior:

Brown rats are versatile creatures, commonly found in sewers, drains, and residential areas. They exploit bird feeders in gardens for sustenance and nest in various locations, from sheds to cavity walls and even loft spaces. Overcoming their neophobia, or fear of new objects, presents a significant challenge in pest control efforts.

Life Cycle Insights of Rats:

With a lifespan of up to two years, rats reproduce rapidly, with females capable of bearing litters of up to 14 offspring multiple times annually. Postpartum estrus enables immediate re-breeding, with a short gestation period of just 21 days. Sexual maturity is reached at five weeks, emphasizing the urgency of proactive control measures to prevent population explosions.

The Health Risks of Rats:

Rats are carriers of Weil's disease (leptospirosis), with an alarming 50-70% estimated to carry this bacteria. The disease poses serious health risks to humans and pets, with symptoms ranging from flu-like to potentially life-threatening conditions like kidney failure and meningitis. Additionally, rat infestations can introduce fleas into homes, posing further health hazards, particularly if pets are present.

Protecting Your Property from Rats:

Beyond health concerns, rats pose risks to property integrity. Their constant gnawing behavior, derived from the Latin "rodere," can damage wooden structures and, alarmingly, electrical cables. Exposed wires increase the risk of house fires, necessitating costly repairs and posing immediate dangers to occupants.

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