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Sevenoaks Pest Control

Sevenoaks pest control solutions. Services available include Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Mice, Squirrels, Rats and Wasp nest. Fast and efficient treatments  seven days a week.

With sevenoaks being a large rural borough there are rodents always near by. Be that Mice ,Rats or squirrels. We have years of experience dealing with these rodents previously working in a large London borough (Croydon). And also a large rural borough in East Sussex(Wealden District council). Both these boroughs presented different problems from food availability to harbourage preferences.

This broad knowledge and sheer amount of jobs covered means that I can offer all my experience to you. This should help me to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. We always use the latest bait formulations to provide swift control. As a pest control technician for many years I am aware of peoples phobias surrounding rodents and insects.

Its very important for me to make you feel more at ease. Also making sure that you are confident and that I am spending enough time to address your pest problems.

We do value every customer and appreciate that every treatment will be different. Thats why on every job we do look at all possible angles to make sure you never have to see us again.

During the autumn and winter months is when we are likely to see more rodent activity. The rodents are drawn closer to our homes as easier to come by food starts to wane. Things such as bird tables or grain storage becomes prime targets for rodents. Of course the downside to that is it brings these rodents closer to our homes. Then whilst they have food they look for somewhere to live closer to that food source. So we are inadvertantly attracting these other forms of wildlife to reside close by.

Also during the winter months when we start to switch on the heating for the first time we may encounter fleas. These can be picked up in the long grass whilst cats are out amongst the wildlife. Or perhaps even when the dog is being walked. A flea may jump off of a badger , fox or even a rat and thenhops on to the next unsuspecting host as it passes by. Most of the time a good vet prescribed flea treatment could be enough to deal with it. But if not noticed and the pet treatment has worn off this is when they find a way into peoples homes.

This is where we can step in to help with treatments and recommendations on how to get the most out of them.

In the summer months when insects are more prevalent things such as ants and wasps are seen more readily. We can offer treatments for both of these insects.

Dont let wasps be a problem we can deal with them fast. Treatments in the postcodes TN13 ,TN15 can usually be dealt with same day(dependant on prior bookings)